– Added possibility for changing Primary logins in a batch
– Set Execution Policy in Menu-Help
– Some bug fixes

– Added shared mailbox option
– Added update user details
– Optimized code

– Added possibility to create a admin user list
– Cleanup of messages and warnings
– Added view of forwarding’s in Forwarding
– Added new global setting.

– Added possibility to enter Alias in Create Shared Mailbox
– Added to set User Permissions on Shared Mailboxes
– Added Copy-to-User-Permissions options in DistributionGroup Members in Shared Mailboxes so user permissions can be easily set
– Added by More Actions option to Purge Deleted Mailboxes that where still recoverable for 30 days
– Added Sort option for admin userlist

– Added option to Add and Remove Email Aliases from user accounts
– Added option to save a simple text Report of all email addresses on every user
– Fixed Update User. Also possible now to change user data on multiple users

– Added possibility to Change Primary ‘send from’ Emailaddress while keeping current Microsoft Online Services ID in Email Aliases
– Added RFC Check when adding Email Alias

– Optimized speed and much smaller executable
– Added Mailbox Folder Permissions (with options as Owner, Editor, Author, Reviewer)
– New logo , small layout changes

– Compatible with new 365 Exchange
– Small Bug fixes

– Better Script Error detection and warnings
– Small Bug fixes
– Reports Section with mailbox sizes and message tracking

– Small Bug fixes
– Export Users / Update Users through CSV
– Export Contacts / Update & Import Contacts through CSV

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